Success Stories

Adika Jaya Dewata

“Orlansoft ERP provides easy tools for business process control, simplifies business processes, and improves employee efficiency.” Victor Eliazar Layata Director of PT Adika Jaya Dewata

Plaza Bangunan Electronic

“Plaza Bangunan Electronic has successfully adopted Global Best Practices in Modern Retail business using Orlansoft ERP and Orlansoft Point of Sale.” Andy Kho – Director of Plaza Bangunan Electronic

Avesta Continental Pack

“Flexible packaging industry is the most complicated manufacturing process, and it should be handled by a system that has flexible features” Kuntoro W Nurtanio President Director PT. Avesta Continental Pack

Temas Line

“What Temas really need was solution that would tie together company accounting with financial business functions, easy integration with our Temas Shipping Systems, while complying with Indonesian Tax Regulations” Budi Santoso K Corporate Strategic Planning and Information Technology PT. Pelayaran Tempuran Emas, Tbk

Rezeki Fresh Market

“It’s not just a POS and inventory System. The new Retail & Warehouse Management System must integrate and optimize our business processes at Head Office, Distribution Centers and all Stores. The new system should be easy to replicate to new stores for business coverage expansion“. Project Manager for New System deployment PT Central RezekI Cold Storage

Sentral Abadi Bangunan

“We need an “easy to replicate retail system” with “Back Office” functionalities to support our future business expansions.” Yuria Mirawati Owner of Sentral Bangunan

Lotte Mart

“It’s not just a redevelopment of B2B System. A new B2B system with the same “look and feel” to all users has been successfully deployed in concert with the migration of Lotte Core System to thousands of suppliers as the end users.” IT Director South East Asia IT

NAV Family Karaoke

“We’d like to have the ERP Systems to integrate and streamline our procurement and financial business process at more than eighty outlets and head office in order to improve company competitiveness.” Rudy Hartawan Finance Director of PT. Nav Jaya Mandiri

Matra Unikatama

“What we need is a system that will integrate our Financials, Procurement, Inventory and Asset Management Business Process into one single database.” CEO PT Matra Unikatama

Semestanustra Distrindo

“Orlansoft integrate users, processes and data in a centralized database to provide on-demand access to critical real-time information from a single source of truth.” Ferriyus Independent Commissioner PT Siantar Top Tbk

Pembangunan Jaya Ancol

“Orlansoft is the most flexible business system for a quick, painless Financial Integration. A lot of features are there to help us optimize our Financial Business Process.” Fransiskus Xaverius Husni CMA, CIA. Wakil Direktur Keuangan PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Tbk. (PJAA)

Kalbe International KGID

“Orlansoft delivers a rapidly-implemented and integrated Business System for KGID.” IT General Manager PT. KALBE FARMA, Tbk

Danapaint Distributors

“Orlansoft is very flexible, has a lot of features and adopts Best Practices of Distribution Business Model.”

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