We are committed to build an ERP System that systemize, integrate and optimize your business process.

PT Orlansoft Data System is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software company with customers in trading/distribution, manufacturing, and services throughout Indonesia. At Orlansoft, we are committed to build an Enterprise Business System that systemize and integrate business processes to help companies optimize the use of enterprise resources across entities and sites.


Systemizing business processes to a manual business system could provide clear coverage of each process, but if we leverage the system into an IT-based ERP System, we obtain the following extra benefits:

  1. Control with less resources Spend less time and work to obtain critical information for your business. For example, you no longer need an army of accounts receivable clerks that works overtime to produce the much-needed outstanding invoices report - its now just a click away from your workstation.
  2. Faster transition period when there is a change of persons in charge of the process. The system now drives the process, so you are less dependent on particular persons to do the job. A new officer simply needs to follow the prescribed steps in the system and do the job immediately, saving valuable time in training and loss of productivity.
  3. Help organization to easily replicate the system to other sites for business coverage expansion. The system acts as a template that is capable of being replicated to branch offices and subsidiaries, making the new sites get productive and more manageable in less time.


When an enterprise gets bigger, with more departments, sites, and people, the ERP System helps you do the following:

  1. Integrate users, processes and data in centralized database to help minimize redundant data entry. Users no longer have to replicate entries that might have originate from different departments. A/R department does not need to re-enter invoices since they have been generated automatically from sales, while payments to the invoices are keyed in by cashiers.
  2. Reduce paper-based communication. Since information and tasks are accessible centrally, users no longer need to submit paper-based requests to their supervisors, co-workers, or other departments.
  3. Unify business operations on single platform by providing a single view of master data (such as customers, suppliers, products) and access to same data. Everyone in the enterprise, whether in the head office or in the remote sites, is working in the same environment.
  4. Provide on-demand access to critical real-time information from single source of truth. This is very important to avoid confusions and relieve users from doing the labor-intensive reconciliation reports resulting from different versions of information.


An ERP System, when implemented in a timely manner to accommodate business processes, delivers the following short-term and long-term benefits:

  1. Streamline operation by reducing: a) Transaction cost and processing time of order entry, order fulfillment, invoicing, procurement, and other processes. b) Cost calculation processing time. c) Monthly Closing Time. The system saves time and effort by finishing the jobs faster, therefore increasing productivity and minimizing loss of opportunity. Other advantages gained include earlier end-of-period closing, timely reports for both local units and the head office, and quick tracking of transaction status.
  2. Provide tools to enhance control. The system provides features like electronic approval and security settings that prevents users from overstepping their authorizations, at the same time giving authorized users discretionary measures to deal with exceptional cases which ultimately will be reported in the exception logs.
  3. Real-time and easy to access decision support information help organizations improve sales and services. All critical information that is needed to run the enterprise is available at right place and at the right time, providing business decision makers with the tools to exercise considerable advantage over the competition.