Orlansoft and ITS provides Orlansoft Introduction - Procure to Pay workshop, to introduce Procure to Pay business process in Orlansoft on 5-7th April 2010.

The workshop helps students to get more information on:

  • What is ERP?
  • Why do companies undertake ERP?
  • The required preparation, before implementing ERP
  • Sample of best practices in ERP Business
  • Process of Procure-to-Pay in Orlansoft

Orlansoft Team presented an “Introduction to ERP” seminar to Trisakti studentson May 4th and 8th 2009. The event was designed to introduce ERP concepts to students, why they should have basic knowledge of ERP.

We are expressing our gratitude to the Accounting & Tax Department of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol for their participation in the “Introduction to ERP” seminar to Trisakti University students on May 4th and 8th 2009.

The seminar presented a case study on various improvements made in the business process of PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol.

New Bank Reconciliation

New Bank Reconciliation (release 2.0.0d9) provides easier process of bank reconciliation for high volume bank transactions and bank accounts.

Orlansoft Bank Reconciliation includes Report of Reconciled Transactions and Bank Reconciliation Reports.

Orlansoft 2.0 is released! We have revamped the menus, streamlined processes, standardized looks, and many more:

  • Centralized access via Orlansoft shell: all the features in one big yet ergonomically-designed menu.
  • Standardized buttons and looks. Buttons are laid out so users can access most typical jobs like data entry, preview, approve, and print intuitively.
  • Drop-shipment feature: automatically create and link purchase and sales documents for companies with drop-shipment business model
  • Optimized options for thin-client deployments
  • Integrated access to related processes in the related data entry section. No need to leave where you are and still get the job done.
  • Enhanced support for SQLAnywhere 10.x

Orlansoft version 1.7.1w

Orlansoft version 1.7.1 build "w" is released.