A close collaboration between teams of Kompas Gramedia Corporate Comptroller, key-users at KompasTV, consultants from Orlansoft resulted in the successful implementation of Orlansoft ERP within 3 months schedule for 4 companies in KompasTV group. Orlansoft ERP is integrated with the Traffic System for billing (sales invoicing), and Corporate Collection System for AR collection.

This Orlansoft ERP project becomes the most successful ERP project at Kompas-Gramedia group.

Bravo for Kompas-Gramedia team!

Congratulations to PT Inti Bharu Mas (IBM) team in Lampung who has successfully implemented Orlansoft ERP to integrate its fast moving consumer goods business process at head office and main branches. This early success story will encourage IBM team to integrate the rest of its business units and principals at all other branches.

IBM is a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) distributor covering Lampung for various principals.

Orlansoft Point of Sale is developed using JavaFX platform and utilize Apache Derby, PostGreSQL and MYSQL in the mix. POS data is synchronized to Orlansoft ERP using a background service to make it possible sales transaction is concluded without the need to wait the synchronization is finished.

A full-text search capability enable partial keyword entry for quick searches and returns all possible entries without the user specifying which column to search.

Orlansoft POS 3.x is suitable for retail companies with more than 10,000 items and many, widely distributed stores.

Congratulations to the implementors at PROSIA (Pro Sistematika Automasi) and AROMA (Aromaduta Rasaprima) for the successful implementation of Orlansoft ERP for AROMA.

PT. Aromaduta Rasaprima is in food manufacturing business and a producer of meatballs, sausages, and other cured meats.

After successful implementation at Sari Roti distributors level, PT. Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk has chosen PT Orlansoft Data System to be a part of the implementation team to carry out the system roll-out to Sari Roti agents in 2016.

In 2016, it is expected that all Sari Roti agents will empowered to utilize this tablet-based system real time to increase the efficiency of Sari Roti supply chain.