Orlansoft SalesMate Free Edition is a mobile application from PT. Orlansoft Data System that is designed to help salesmen in creating real time customer’s order transaction at customer’s location, especially for salesmen from distributor of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Its features and functions help salesman to make sales visits, take customer’s orders, and receive daily news from the branch office. Extra features such ascollection of overdue invoiceand the creation of sales return orders are only available at Orlansoft Salesmate (Premium Version).

Orlansoft SalesMate Free Edition is designed to run on android tablets or smartphones. "Background processing" synchronization helps salesman to make real time transactions even though his tablet or smartphone is not connected to the internet (offline). The setup master data of product, salesman, customer and the download of real-time order scan be completed via Orlansoft Salesmate Server at

This free mobile application is available on the Google Playstore:

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Although we do not provide support for end-users of Orlansoft SalesMate Free Edition, we equip end-users with “How to use” documentation and Video Tutorial. We also added a suggestion drop-box at to help us produce better quality product.

Video Tutorial can be downloaded in Youtube:

1. Registration -

2. Setup Master Data -

3. Activate user ID for Salesman -

4. Taking orders -

5. Change IMEI# -


After a grueling selection process by Badan Ekonomi Kreatif and the Ministry of Industry, Orlansoft is finally selected to be one of the Indonesian product to be represented at CeBIT 2017, the largest digital exhibition in Europe. Orlansoft is showcasing its Orlansoft ERP, Orlansoft Salesmate, and Orlansoft Drivermate as an end-to-end solution for Fast Moving Consumer Goods distributors.

CeBIT 2017 took place in Hanover, Germany, on 20-24 March 2017 and over 3000 exhibitors from 70 countries attended this event.

We at Orlansoft is extending our compliments to both the teams from PROSIA (Pro Sistematika Automasi) and PELANGI (Tirta Makmur – mineral water company) for the successful implementation of Orlansoft ERP and Orlansoft Salesmate for PELANGI.

PELANGI is a mineral water company founded in 2004. PELANGI is not just a bottled water. PELANGI is love, positive change, and blessings in a bottle.

Congratulations to PELANGI, and best wishes for its endeavor in distributing its love in a bottle.

To cater to the growth of its companies and the need to integrate business processes at Mazabuta Group, all three business units, Groen Indonesia, Sewa Toilet Indonesia, Indradhanusa Indonesia has chosen Orlansoft ERP.

Groen Indonesia’s line of business is municipal waste management and it distributes world-class waste management products such as: Tennant (USA), Green Machines (Scotland), TSM (Italy), Biostrada (Italy), Glutton (Belgium), Fulongma (China), AUSKO (Singapore), AOTO (China), Weber (Germany), Prohydrauliq (Malaysia), Armal (USA), PolyPortables (USA), Walex (USA) and P-Mate (Netherlands), Qool (Singapore), twins.nrn (Austria), Aerolution (Berlin-Germany), C-Astral (Slovenia), EvoLogics (Germany)

Sewa Toilet Indonesia is the largest private company in Indonesia in the portable toilet rental business.

Indradhanusa Indonesia is an importer and distributor of chemicals especially high quality pigments used in plastics, coating, printing inks and special applications industry.

On this date, the Supermarket Bahan Bangunan owned by PT Sentral Abadi Bangunan (SAB) is open for customers in Malang. All the cashiers in this store is Orlansoft POS 3.x and is integrated to Orlansoft ERP.

Preparation took around 3 months including the collection tens of thousands item codes. Supported by the full commitments of SAB teams and its consultants, the retail system rolls out successfully at opening date.

Congratulations to Sentral Abadi Bangunan.