Success Stories

PJAA’s financial business process involved five separate systems that ran on multiple platforms in the company’s head office. The main system was a legacy General Ledger module, assisted by three other systems used to record daily transactions in the Treasury Department. A customized application was used to generate water and utility invoices in the Property Management Department.

A lot of redundant entries had to be manually keyed-in into the separate systems. Aside from that, users found it too difficult to share information online, since data involves more than 30 business units in two companies. Each business unit is an independent entity with its own balance sheet and income statement.

The first challenge was “how to integrate business processes in both Treasury and Accounting departments into a single Enterprise Financial System, from supplier invoice verification, supplier payment & check management, sales invoice generation, accounts receivable control, to cash and bank management and finally link them into General Ledger?”

The second was “how to deliver the Financial Integration within the framework of Best Practice Financial Business Process with the least changes in Business Process and with no downtime”.

The third was to integrate Financial Business Process in three Property businesses (Property Investment, Property Sales, and Property Management) that range from water and utility billing, land and building invoicing, A/R control and integrate them with Treasury and Accounting departments

PJAA Financial Integration was the largest and yet the most successful integration project that involved more than 50 users, 6 departments, 2 divisions, and 2 companies.


Having learned from previous ERP implementations, PJAA put special importance to consultant\'s expertise and their level of support and therefore picked PROSIA as the solution provider vendor for Financial Integration.

PROSIA’s mastery of PJAA business process and its expertise in Financial Business Process Best Practice, complemented by the full support from PJAA’s team and its management, led to the first success, which was the GO-LIVE Phase-1 for Cash Management in mid-May and General Ledger for June 2005 Financial Period Closing. Both was achieved without downtime and needed just one month of parallel-run in journal transactions.

The project continued to Phase-2, Online Supplier Invoice Verification processing, which would be used to create payment forecast by the Treasury department. This process also provided transparency about the payment status of invoices to suppliers.

Phase-3 covered invoice generation in Accounts Receivable department, A/R monitoring, and completed the integration with Cash Management and General Ledger.

The string of successes of Financial Integration Phase 1-3 in 2005 was followed by Phase 4, which involved Business Units outside the Finance Division. In just 3 months in 2006, 3 property businesses in the Property Division successfully implemented Orlansoft and became integrated with Finance Division.

Fast and accurate data conversion helped accelerate the Water & Utility Billing process and other financial activities without downtime.

Financial Integration finally made it possible to achieve Financial Period Closing on week 2 of the following month.