Success Stories

PT. Matra Unikatama is an Indonesian company that provides drilling services, integrated drilling fluids engineering and oilfield chemicals supply for oil and gas exploration and exploitation with its head office in Jakarta and warehouses at Sidoarjo – East Java, Duri – Riau, Jambi – Sumatra and Madura – East Java


The first challenge is to provide budget control systems for each project to provide alerts when sales achievement exceeds certain percentage from budget so sales team could take necessary

actions to get addendum of contract to make sure all rig activities are collectible on contract. The Budget control systems should have approval functionality for every request of budget realization and budget amendment. Report of budget realization of each project is one of performance indicators among many.

The second challenge is to provide daily status summary report via SMS or email to some people in top management. Today’s Sales, Month to Date Sales, Total Sales Achievement, Budget, and % of Budget of each project are created on a daily basis and sent directly to end user’s mobile phone via SMS or email. Some users also require information on Operating Daily Rate in percentage as a daily performance indicator. All rig activities such as full-day operation, moving, stand by with/without crew, repair, etc. should be recorded on a daily basis on the next day as daily sales revenue.

The third challenge is to automate procurement business process using the same system as used for Financials. Purchase Requests can be created from all offices. All Purchase Order will be processed at Central Procurement in multiple currency from Head Office with ship-to instruction to end-user’s office. Purchase Request & Purchase Order approval process is done online so users can have real-time access of approval status of each request. Purchase Receipt of each order can be created from each warehouse and printed as goods receiving report for supplier. All supplier invoice receipts will be entered as Request for Payment transaction and integrated to Account Payable module in Financials Systems.

The fourth challenge is inventory management of spare parts & fuel. Managing spare parts with more than 1,000 part IDs need easy-to-maintain inventory systems. The system should cover processes from Request of Part, Issue from inventory or link to procurement, Material/Part Consumption, up to inventory status tracking. Users from each warehouse can create transactions only from their own site, but they can have information of stock-on-hand for all other sites. All spare-parts and fuel consumption that is charged to Fixed Asset for running and maintenance expenses will be allocated to each Asset ID.

The fifth challenge is assets management for all fixed asset types with more than 1,000 Asset IDs. The system should help the company in tracking asset latest location, caretaker & project use.

Depreciation expenses need to be allocated automatically to each Project ID, so the management may know how much asset-related expenses have been spent on each project to decide whether to keep using the asset or rent it from a subcontractor.

The last challenge is cost analysis. All expense/cost code should be posted into each Project ID. Comprehensive analysis of contribution margin (sales less direct expenses) with comparison to budget for each project should be automatically provided after monthly financial closing.


Hanny, Wolfrey & Partners Accounting Firm (HWR) and PT Plexus Data Systems, both are Orlansoft partners with extensive experience System Operating Procedure design and ERP implementation, has successfully helped Matra team to implement Orlansoft ERP and integrate financials, procurement, inventory and assets management into a single system.

Orlansoft Procurement provides budget control with online approval process of Purchase Requisition. All Purchase Request will be matched by expenses/cost code to each budget. Budgets are provided as Rig operation budget by project ID, monthly company overhead budget, and yearly Capex budget.

Orlansoft Inventory Management helps user with real-time access of stock-on-hand and availability of spare parts and fuel. Integrated with Orlansoft Procurement, this feature supports Material

Requests, Inventory Issue and Inventory Consumption with seamless integration to financial modules to provide comprehensive information of inventory cost allocation of each project and asset. Purchase Invoice Verification provides system imposed control in matching Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, and Supplier Invoice with a facility to generate Request for Payment and integration to Account Payable Module and Orlansoft Tax Management.

Orlansoft Sales Management integrates Matra’s sales contract (that also acts as sales budget), incoming service order from customer, daily rig operation activities, and sales invoicing with minimized redundant data entry and provides information of sales contract status.

Orlansoft Report Scheduler provides user-definable reports feature with definable schedules for sending summary reports or just an alert to mobile phone via SMS or email. Matra’s daily project sales performance report is sent directly to predefined end users via SMS on the next morning.

Orlansoft Asset Management integrates Assets procurement, receipt from supplier, and Asset ID registration & addition. The features include Assets Transfer and easy to monitor status of asset location, caretaker and allocated project. Depreciation (Commercial and Tax method) will be calculated for each project and all asset transactions will create system generated journals in General Ledger.

Orlansoft Cost Center provides multiple dimensions of GL Account that helps Matra get comprehensive revenue, cost, and expense analysis for each project and asset. The layout of analysis reports can be customized to meet Matra requirement.