Success Stories

A rapid growth in business necessitates an application software that integrates KGID business process. The ideal software should also adopt Industry Best Practice, include complete modules and components to support an export business, and a comprehensive set of financial features.

Implementing a software is not only a matter of installation and training, but of creating a system that streamlines the company’s business process, providing easy control, and making available wide-ranging online information.

A secondary requirement involves a standardization of various formats of Order Confirmations, Proforma Invoices, Packing Lists & Commercial Invoices issued by distributors. Previously these were created using spreadsheets and numerous one-of-a-kind formats were maintained to comply with customs clearance regulations of each destination countries to which the distributors are assigned. It is mandatory that the process to replace the previous spreadsheet tools to go on without a hitch on the operational level. Aside from replacing the spreadsheets in the Order Processing business process, the designated application software should also integrates all KGID business processes from sales estimation, order processing, AR Control, Cash Management to Income Statement Analysis.

Equally important to the integration process is the support of experienced software implementation consultants, who have to fit into a 6-month maximum schedule to complete the entire implementation.

Other additional requirements are as follows:

  • An easy-to-understand database structure to assist the consolidation of data from all entities in     the future.
  • Easy Report Customization.
  • Income Statement Analysis by Principal, Country, Line of Business and Product (especially for OTC)


After reviewing Orlansoft Solution, KGID chose the software because only Orlansoft could provide a solution that was easiest to implement in integrating KGID’s business processes.

The FormSet Feature accommodated every unique document formats for Proforma Invoice, Packing List, and Commercial Invoice for each country distributor, thereby providing smooth and painless migration from spreadsheet usage.

PROSIA’s long experience in distribution industry business process assists KGID team to downsize standardized document formats to less than 15 from more than 50 previously, while strict compliance to customs clearance of individual countries were always observed.

Orlansoft Distribution Industry Solution has a strong suite of features to manage order processing along with across-the board accounts receivable control management.

Orlansoft Financial Feature is flexible enough to allow KGID to generate various financial analysis by cost centers, such as Principals, Countries, LOB and Products

Orlansoft database structure has English-like table and field names, which when complemented with the use of Crystal Reports® as a report generator, provides an unmatched flexibility in report customization. The clean and clear layout of the database structure contributes to the ease of conversion to external systems and data warehousing requirements in the future.