Success Stories

PT. Geocean Indonesia focuses on submarine pipeline system, trenching, backfilling & dredging with specialization in pipeline construction with shallow water pipe laying. Currently, Geocean involves in couples of projects: SISI NUBI (Kalimantan), PNG (Batam & Sumatera), Petronas (Malaysia), GORO (New Caledonia), Labuan (Malaysia) for pipe laying.

As Subsidiary of a French Company, Analytical Code is the main concern in reporting category. All the expenses & income should be categorized into analytical code, such as: Rental, Purchase, etc.
For example, Rental of Genset, Purchase of Pipeline should be recorded using account: Rental Machine & Purchase Other Supply & Consume, with analytical code: Rental for Genset & Purchase incorporated.
All the reports should attach analytical code information and then consolidated to headquarter.

Geocean Indonesia has responsibilities in providing reports in 2 base currencies: IDR for tax purpose and EURO to the Holding. Then the reports should reflects financial condition in both currencies. For tax purpose, the ERP system should adopt Indonesia Tax Regulation. As Geocean deals with not just Value Added Tax, but various withholding tax, the system should accommodate various tax rate, such as: Withholding Tax art. 23, 15, etc.

As a contractor company, Geocean always deals with Budget and Control. The ERP system should provide the tools to help the controller in controlling & evaluating project by phases, such as cash flow per phase per project, commitment & actual reports, etc.

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