Success Stories

As distributors, the speed and effectiveness of Order Processing, Delivery, and Invoicing and inventory control are important factors to develop and maintain customer relations.

In order to achieve the targeted speed and effectiveness, these three distributors are looking for an application software that provides standard Distribution Business Model, complies with Indonesian Tax Code (primarily VAT), and has the distribution modules fully integrated to the financial modules.

The software in question also must answer to the present needs of existing Sales and Purchase Price Management. The ability to check available quantity and Credit Limit Approval are also essential requirements for the Order Processing process.

The daily high-volume transactions requires fast and accurate process to generate Delivery Orders. The speed in Order Processing, Delivery and Invoicing, on the other hand, necessitates a good and easy-to-use Inventory Control and Planning

On the Financial side, AR (Account Receivable) Maintenance, alongside with Post-dated Checks Management are also important issues. The entire process to record incoming post-dated checks, monitor checks that are due, and to deposit the checks has to be handled in fast and accurate manner.

On the technical side, the ideal application software must feature rapid installation steps, easy report customization, speedy implementation, with full support from the vendor.


After considering several solutions for distribution, the companies decided to use Orlansoft, since its core modules fulfill 99% of their requirements without customization. Furthermore the solution is delivered by PROSIA, which has proven to provide its excellent support to other business units within PT. Sumber Selatan Nusa

Within 6 weeks Orlansoft ERP has “gone live” on the first site: PT. Dana Kharisma Surabaya. The other two sites, PT. Dana Prima Semarang and PT. Sumber Selatan Nusa Jakarta each took another three weeks to go live.

In 2004, Orlansoft is expected to deliver the following benefits:

  • Easy and flexible access to enterprise data
  • Easy and flexible generation of Executive Information reports.
  • Improve Sales Order Processing, Delivery, and Invoice Generation
  • Improve Inventory Turn Over by 50%
  • Easy Inventory and Account Receivable Control.