Success Stories

Replacing the existing legacy system that has been used for more than 20 years is not an easy task to accomplish. It needs full commitment from top management and supports from all operational level.

The data accuracy on inventory stock and production cost in detail information is the aim of the new system, so that the top management can analyze and make decision in timely manner.

To achieve that goals, all processes from sales, planning, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, quality control, finance and accounting must be integrated to reduce the redundancy, double entry, and manual documentation. Here, the willingness from each department is needed to break the boundaries and adopt the new paradigm of ERP system.

The large number of existing product variance, more than 15,000 that scattered in legacy system and hardcopy make another problem in collecting, consolidating and standardizing the information in order to build a valid single source of Bill of Material and Routing as well as its alternative.

Flexible packaging industry is the most complicated manufacturing process, and it should be handled by a system that has flexible features. Because of many variables should be considered before an order can be executed such as type of material, number of colors, layers, width, length, tools, etc. And the high-volume transactions in production, more than 700 job orders in a month, requires an friendly user interface to speed-up the entry process in the production line without having to lose an important information to produce a comprehensive costing and waste report.

Approval of transactions should be done in a system with the authority level that has been defined by the organization to ensure that each transaction is correct and valid.

At the end, all data that had occurred in inventory and production have to be passed to the finance and accounting in order to produce financial report.

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