Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition

Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition is an Orlansoft ERP - Core Enterprise edition add-on for manufacturing management.

The scope of Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition integration extends from Production Scheduling, which drives Purchasing to complete orders for required material, to the management of production orders for finished goods alongside its intermediate items according to predefined work shifts and calendar, to material issue and returns, and also quality control check, including printout of inspection sheet and certificate of analysis, tools tracking, and finally to finished goods receipt, with or without rejected quantity.

Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition provides production costing with actual material consumption, labor, and machine usage for each production order therefore enabling the enterprise to analyze the efficiency of each production order vis a vis its revenue.

Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition supports discrete manufacturing process with item specification, multi-level bill of material, multiple operation & machine routing, tools & toolkit, shop floor transaction in primary & secondary unit with lot/batch and cost variance analysis for each production order.

Orlansoft Product Data Management

Orlansoft Product Data Management manages product data centrally for item specification, bill of material, routing, toolkit and product costs. Fully integrated with Orlansoft Inventory to ensure quick access to key information for use in Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition Execution.

Features & Functions

  • Item Specification stores detailed item description and parameters for material, intermediate or finished goods used in the creation of inspection sheet and certificate of analysis.
  • Bill of Material makes it possible to define multi-level bill of material for each manufactured items, with:
    • Revision, effective & expired date of bill of material
    • Scrap rate, in factor or quantity, and fixed scrap
  • Routing allows users to define multiple operations routing and alternative routings for each manufactured items, with:
    • Revision, effective & expired date of each Routing ID
    • Task type: work center or sub-contract
    • Multiple machines for each operation.
  • Toolkit & Tool supports multiple tools in use for each manufactured items at each machine with:
    • Use method : Max first or Min first
    • Lifetime type : Number of hour used, Number of time used, Qty produced or Not applicable.
    • Definable value of tools life, refurbishing point, and maximum number of refurbishing.
  • Cost code allows the definition of standard rate per hour for each activity, machine, and work center.

Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition Planning & Execution

Orlansoft ERP - Manufacturing edition Planning & Execution supports discrete manufacturing with cost variance analysis by production order and batch process. The functions include the creation of production request with automatic generation of planned purchase request and production order, approval and printing of production order, creation of material inspection sheet, creation and printing of transfer material, creation and printing of return material, creation of machine usage, transfer and return tools, creation of certificate of analysis and creation of finished goods inspection sheet.

Features & Functions

  • Shift allows the allocation of production shift schedule for each machine and labor with production calendar.
  • Use primary and secondary quantity in all manufacturing transaction for material and finished goods as predefined in item master setting.
  • Production Request with or without Sales Order will create automatic planned purchase request and planned production order with option to include or exclude net-stock in the calculation.
  • Planned Production Order can be rescheduled, firmed for production, printed and combined in production order batch# in daily production order release.
  • Production Transfer Order allows users to create and print transfer order from warehouse to production for required material and can be downloaded to becomeTransfer material to production floor transaction.
  • Inspection Sheet records the result of material quality control with definable parameter in item specification.
  • Machine Usage support finished goods receipt with:
    • System generated Finished Goods Receipt with result quantity.
    • System generated Issue Material with bill of material quantity for backflush items or manual issue material transaction
    • System generated Hours Accounting with production time of each machine and activity
  • Finished Goods Inspection Sheet support information of rejected quantity for each production order#.
  • Standard Costing supports analysis report with cost variance per production order#.
  • Print Certificate of Analysis with item specification of Finished goods.
  • Transfer tools to Production and return tools to warehouse is integrated to production order with automatic calculation of remaining life time.
  • Tools Refurbishing is used to manage refurbishing to extend tools’ lifetime.