Orlansoft Account Receivable (AR)

Orlansoft Account Receivable supports sales invoice generation and printing, manages and prints Sales Tax Invoice, performs credit management, records customer payments, and monitors customer balances.

Features & Functions

  • Easily tracks customer balances & payments in multiple currency.
  • Flexible Aging Reports. Aging Report summary or detail by customer ID with flexible period range. Aging Report can be customized to meet business requirements – aging by customer group, customer area, by distributor/retailer, with company’s requirements of aging period ranges.
  • Security assignment regulates user access of Customer Master Data and Balances
  • Comprehensive invoice generation:
    • Single Shipment Invoice
    • Single Order & multiple Shipment Invoice
    • Multiple Order and multiple Shipment Invoice
    • Automatic netting of sales shipment & sales return.
    • Invoice for Customer Advances and its allocation to Sales Shipment Invoice
    • Multiple due dates
    • Automatic Sales Tax Invoice Numbering with sales tax invoice date. Support integration to e-faktur for tax invoice printing.
    • Batch Process for generating multiple sales invoice
  • Flexible Customer Group. Four groups, 5 segments each, may be integrated to GL Cost Centers to allow generation of flexible Customer Group Performance Reports
  • Up to 5 level grouping of customer area
  • Credit management provides customer credit limit, maximum overdue days, multiple term of payment with tight integration to sales price management and collaterals
  • Customer credit status:
    • Normal
    • Block Sales
    • Block Shipment
    • Block AR
    • Doubtful
    • Account Closed
  • Write-off Rounding allows users to write off AR Rounding balance within predefined amount limit.
  • Collection Run supports collection management to generate Collection Memo, manages collector route and allows analysis of collection performance. Customer payment transaction will generate cash receipt, bank receipt, or check receipt transaction automatically to Orlansoft Cash Management.
  • Sales Tax Adjustment provides automatic conversion of AR Balance of VAT from transaction currency to home currency according to tax rate.
  • AR Unrealized Forex Calculation is an automatic process that calculates unrealized forex gain/loss for all AR invoices and its resulting system-generated journal to Orlansoft General Ledger.
  • Seamless Integration with Orlansoft Sales, Orlansoft Cash Management & Orlansoft General Ledger