After successfully implemented in all 12 companies from Permat Medialand group (real estate business units of Kompas-Gramedia) , Orlansoft has been chosen to provide a billing solution system for Citicon Medialand (CML).

As the management of Cibinong Mall, CML needs to migrate its billings system to accelerate its invoice processing of utilities, rental, service charges; facilitate collection and payment processing from its tenants. The new billing system also makes it easy to control accounts receivable and integrate it to Orlansoft ERP system at its holding companies.

Orlansoft Drivermate is a mobile app that assists delivery truck drivers to download loadsheets, post delivery status as full shipment or partial shipment, check delivery reports, and record vehicle mileage logs from start to finish. Orlansoft Drivermate is designed for Android-based tablets or smartphones. Background synchronization allows drivers to record transactions even when the devices are not connected to the internet.


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Orlansoft ERP has been successfully implemented at Permata Medialand. The ERP system integrates business processes of procurement, finance and accounting of more than 12 companies that form the real estate business units of the Kompas Gramedia Group.
Orlansoft facilitates end-users at more than 10 sites that access information and perform real-time transactions set on a high-availability database.
Process standardization in Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Invoice, AP Payment, Petty Cash, Sales Invoice, AR Receipt, and Accounting Journals has been successfully implemented in Orlansoft ERP to enable system replication to support future business expansion.

We at Orlansoft ERP gives our support to the e-faktur initiative of the Tax Office. Since June 19th 2015, Orlansoft provided features to ease integration with e-faktur application. The feature enables users to:

  • Generate sales invoice transaction in Orlansoft ERP and provide tax invoice number for the transaction
  • Export tax invoice transaction data to csv file that is compatible with e-faktur format
  • Import csv file from Orlansoft ERP to e-faktur and print tax invoice having QR code validation

This feature was freely available for Orlansoft users in desktop releases 1.7.w15x/2.7.39/3.1.1x or web release 3.5x

Orlansoft is committed to providing solutions that enables Orlansoft users to easily work in line with Indonesian Tax regulations.

Starting in October 2014, Orlansoft has become the official ERP software used by students in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) for hands-on business process simulation in ERP Laboratory classes.

Students were introduced to best-practice business process in an ERP and how control functions worked between one process to another in an ERP. Using this simulation, students were expected to better understand how  ERP concepts and theories were implemented in real world situations in a number of select industries.